Aaron Michael Lloyd
255 N D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401

PHONE CONSULT AVAILABLE. I have personal experience with hundreds of bankruptcy cases, ranging from simple chapter 7 cases to complex chapter 13 cases. I work with the majority of the bankruptcy trustees in this district and have appeared in the 341a hearings hundreds of times. I know the process and the nuances of bankruptcy law. Few attorneys possess my background and extensive experience in this area of the law.

EXCLUSIVE PRACTICE. My practice is limited to bankruptcy cases only. I keep up to date on all the laws related to bankruptcy to make sure I give you the best representation for your case.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am with you every step of the way. Together, we will overcome whatever obstacle you are facing. Keep in mind that what seems insurmountable today, becomes a stepping stone for tomorrow. Whatever it is that stresses you, I’m here to help you relearn that it is truly only temporary.

FREE IN-DEPTH CONSULTATIONS. Unlike most attorneys, who hide the ball or leverage their knowledge, I’m committed to sharing what I know, and in turn, empowering you. I will answer every question. I will explain all of your options and give you my honest feedback. I will provide you a quote right over the phone. I believe that an informed client is the best client.

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