Aaron Reichenberger
1826 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

Aaron devotes his practice to helping injured people and their families with their personal injury or wrongful death claims. During his career, he has successfully represented hundreds of victims in their claims against insurance companies or wrongdoers. Putting his clients first, Aaron believes his representation should provide three primary benefits: 1) navigating the complicated world of insurance claims on his clients’ behalves; 2) placing them in a position to focus on recovering from their physical, mental, and emotional injuries rather than their legal claims; and 3) maximizing the compensation his clients obtain from the wrongdoer or their insurance company.

Before rejoining the Rosenbaum Law Group as an attorney, Aaron worked for six years as a paralegal at our firm. During this time he observed and recognized the powerful role lawyers can play in obtaining justice for people whose lives are turned upside down because of another person’s negligence. He attended the Willamette University College of Law with the goal of becoming a lawyer who helps people, not corporations like insurance companies. At Willamette, he served as the Editor in Chief of the Willamette Law Review and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Because of the above, Aaron possesses a unique blend of legal, practical, and administrative experience that enables him to effectively represent his clients in their battle with insurance companies.