Amanda Hood
1700 Lincoln Street , Denver, CO 80203

Amanda Pfeil Hood focuses her practice on personal injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. Amanda primarily works with clients who have suffered traumatic brain or orthopedic injuries. She also has significant experience in sports injury cases arising from an athlete’s premature return to play following a concussion.

Immediately upon graduating law school, Amanda served as a judicial clerk with a Colorado Court of Appeals, an experience that helped her develop a strong analytic skill set. Amanda’s ability to evaluate a case and consider arguments from the perspective of a judge are among her most frequently noted strengths, and qualities that provide a distinct advantage to her clients during litigation.

In addition to her unique skill set and extensive understanding of the legal system, Amanda is dedicated to being an advocate for her clients. She loves that her work allows her to meet new people and learn every day, and Amanda’s willingness to deeply engage with every case and understand each client personally makes her an exceptional personal injury and medical malpractice attorney. She creates the kinds of connections with clients that are essential in the effort of rebuilding their lives after an injury. Amanda also takes the time to understand the medical aspects of personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Grasping the medical details of an injury is not only an advantage in settlement and litigation, but allows Amanda to provide representation beyond the purely legal. Her service to clients extends to understanding their injury, treatment options, and the resources available to help them heal and cope. This kind of approach is what makes the client experience with Amanda unique.