Arturo C. Aguilar
18001 Hwy 105 W, Montgomery, TX 77356

Art Aguilar was born and raised in south Texas. He worked his way up from extremely humble beginnings, working his way through high school in minimum wage jobs, and having to deal with all the legal barriers that the common person experiences.

After serving honorably in the US Army, and having taught at the high school level, Art learned the value of hard work. He believes that hard work beats talent every single time. Because of his commitment, determination, and integrity, Art now represents publicly traded multi-billion-dollar entities.

Art is not only bilingual, fully capable of communicating in Spanish and English, but understands the Hispanic culture, having been raised fully immersed in it. Learning and understanding both the Texas and the Mexican culture, at the same time, is something not every lawyer in Texas can boast about.

In a state where Hispanics will soon make up 50% of the jury pool, this is an advantage that 97% of lawyers in Texas lack. For these reasons, and his extensive legal experience, Art is one of a kind. Most would argue that his abilities and accomplishments are a rarity among young lawyers. Art represents the client in an ethical, principled and professional manner, not giving way to the politics of the lawyerly profession, which often times is the main reason clients struggle to reach their goals.

Most importantly, Art is an aggressive young trial lawyer. Art has tried several cases to verdict in some of the toughest counties, including Harris, Dallas, and Collin. Because of his actual jury trial experience, including having picked several juries himself, Art can validly analyze a case, giving clients real expectations.

Art has been specifically sought out by major multi-billion-dollar companies, commercial line adjusters of major insurance companies, and small businesses. However, Art has not forgotten his humble beginnings, and often represents the little man or the small family-owned business when need be.