Barry P. Goldberg
5850 Canoga Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Barry P. Goldberg has created a professional approach to injury law. His Woodland Hills law firm focuses on what clients want and need most by creating a strategy that meets client goals for maximizing their injury recovery. Rather than focus on maximizing the number of his cases, Barry P. Goldberg instead seeks the greatest possible recovery for each individual case. Barry P. Goldberg is a recognized authority on Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Law, Arbitration and Procedure. He aggressively and ethically pursues cases to the satisfaction of his clients. Whether the case requires an unisured/underinsured motorist arbitration, the filing of a lawsuit or an actual trial, Barry P. Goldberg goes the distance for his clients. Maybe that is why his clients, and the professionals that refer them, know that he creates the best opportunity for a prompt and fair settlement. The majority of his cases are referred to him by professionals, so he’s adopted a highly personal and professional approach to customer service. He is an attorney who will travel wherever it is necessary, deal with the insurance companies, and handle the paperwork so that his clients don’t have to. Barry’s clients, and the people who refer them to him, receive prompt, personal, and professional service throughout the entire process. Barry P. Goldberg strives to deliver results which exceed expectations. His clients and the professionals who refer to him understand this. That’s why his firm is known as The Injury Law Professionals.