Benjamin Boscolo
6402 ARLINGTON BLVD, #600 , Falls Church, VA, VA 22042

When you speak with Ben for even a few minutes, it’s impossible to ignore his energy. His enthusiasm comes both from his roles as Attorney, Chief Executive Officer, and Owner at CHASENBOSCOLO, and, more importantly, his passion for people. When it comes to his clients, he is a trial lawyer whose sole focus is on fighting for his client’s rights. Ben cannot tolerate a world where working men and women are not treated fairly by the legal system. Ben and the CHASENBOSCOLO team believe in better. They work tirelessly to hold wrongdoers accountable and help their clients overcome troubles.

Ben was taught the importance of the right way to earn respect at a young age by his grandfathers – one of whom immigrated from Italy and the other who was a mechanical engineer. Throughout his life, he’s seen firsthand how people in power take advantage of honest, hard working men and women. Ben is thankful the skills his education and experience have helped develop. He believes he is obligated to use these skills to fight for those of us who are stepped on and bullied. This uncompromising integrity and commitment to clients has allowed him to help grow the firm from one lawyer to more than thirty lawyers. Practicing law is more than just verdicts and settlements—Ben fights for true change. He works to make sure that not only his clients’ rights—but just as importantly the rights of others—are protected for years to come.

In each cases he handles, Ben demonstrates a commitment to pursuing justice for us all. For example, he once represented an injured truck driver who was denied workers’ compensation benefits on the ground that he was a sub-contractor and not an employee of the company. The truck driver initially lost his case. Ben could not imagine giving up on his client.He and his team faced the challenge by appealing to the highest court in the District of Columbia, where they won. CHASENBOSCOLO’s efforts not only got the truck driver the benefits he needed to ca