Bruce Kehoe
2859 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Bruce began his professional career as a registered physical therapist. This experience helped form a unique perspective on how law relates to the practice of medicine and the lives of seriously injured people. While medical legal issues have been one focus of Bruce’s practice, he is equally familiar with negligence law and product liability. As Bruce owns and operates the firm’s private aircraft, he is particularly knowledgeable in aviation law. His tenacity in pursuing fair and equitable compensation for clients is evident in a variety of complex cases, including birth injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, defective products, and airplane and helicopter crashes. Personally, Bruce has been a pilot for more than 25 years. Bruce’s piloting experience has been an invaluable resource for the firm’s airplane accident litigation practice helping clients who have suffered tremendous loss in both private and corporate aircraft related accidents. Over the last 30 years, Bruce has been able to combine his nationally recognized trial skills with his experience owning and operating private aircraft. Bruce is currently a board member of the Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission. Both Bruce and his partner, Bill Winingham, have served as President of the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Foundation and engaged in providing funding for brain injury research particularly focused on concussive injuries confronting our troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.