Christopher Murphy
537 Broadway, EVERETT, MA 2149

Attorney Christopher (“Chris”) Murphy began working for our office in 1997 as an intern. Shortly thereafter, Chris was hired as a paralegal while he attended law school. Upon obtaining a law license in 1999, Chris was immediately hired as an associate attorney. Since that time, Chris has climbed every possible rung on our law office corporate ladder and is now the managing partner of our law firm.

That long climb allowed Chris to work with clients at every level and on every type of legal matter handled by the firm. From day one, Chris embraced our “client first” approach. He is truly a guide and partner to clients, helping them navigate the seemingly insurmountable challenges unexpected injury or death bring.

To properly assist individuals and families who suffered an injury or lost a loved one, Chris spends considerable time really getting to know clients. During that time, Chris wants to discover what is truly important to you (the client) and what your needs, wishes and goals really are.

Whether a car accident, slip and fall, medical error, asbestos/mesothelioma ailment or other personal injury matter, Chris has helped thousands of people and families receive the result that was important to them.

After helping so many great people in so many different situations, Chris has learned a “Great result” means something different to every client. Whether obtaining an apology, correcting behavior, fixing a dangerous condition, obtaining financial compensation or a combination thereof, Chris works tirelessly to understand what you want and need and then finds ways to achieve your desired results.

A “Great result” for Chris is helping clients get whatever they seek. A personal, joyous byproduct of that journey for Chris is being able to help clients receive the resources, medical care, personal and financial assistance and compensation needed to continue on with hope, comfort and security during and after a tragedy.