Christopher Rasmussen
520 south 4th street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

I am a local resident who was educated in the public school system in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was involved in the boy scouts and rode horses at the old Day Dream ranch at Warm Springs and Eastern. I learned to swim at Sunset Park and climbed many local mountains in our valley with the Boy Scouts. My father was a professor at UNLV and my mother worked as a registered nurse at sunrise for 30 years. Las Vegas has provided a vibrant environment for me to thrive as a child.

During my college years at UNLV, I worked as a student worker in the the athletic facilities which included the North gym where coach Tarkanian conducted his daily practices.

As a criminal justice major I participated in a 260 hour internship with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Southwest Area Command. During this internship I spent 260 hours on the streets with patrol officers.

During my law school education at Gonzaga University, I studied in Vienna, Austria with Supreme Court Justice Scalia. My studies in three different universities in Belgium, France, and Austrian law schools allowed me the opportunity to gain an understanding of the international criminal justice system through various founders of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

After graduation, I started working with John P. Fadgen. John was an outstanding criminal defense lawyer and a gentleman who everyone respected. First and foremost, John was a trial lawyer who had crafted his cross examination skills over the decades. His subtle cross examination style would impeach witness after witness.

I opened my first law office in 2001, in which I also was appointed to the CJA panel where I have tried four of the most lenghty and complex criminal trials in our District. United States v. Acosta (Hells Angels), United States v. Kahre (Four Month Tax Evasion Trial), United States v. Camez (Carder.su Computer Hacking) and United States v. Sellers (Complex Rico Prison Gang Trial).