Craig Hensel
1780 N. Shiloh Road, Billings, MT 59106

Craig C. Hensel has been practicing law in Billings, Montana since 1996. Craig is licensed in all state courts in Montana, all state courts in North Dakota, and Federal Court for the District of Montana. Craig spent over a decade as a prosecutor where he gained extensive courtroom and jury trial experience, trying hundreds of cases to verdict. Craig also has extensive civil experience and represented defendants and insurance companies in personal injury actions for several years, before deciding to switch sides and represent injured individuals.

“I used to work for insurance companies, and saw how they would drag out cases needlessly for months, and even years. I made the decision to switch sides and start representing injured individuals. Knowing how insurance companies fight cases, and knowing the tactics they use, made me a better advocate for injured individuals who just wanted to get their medical bills paid, get their lost wages, get fair compensation for their injuries, and get back to their life as soon as possible.”

~ Craig C. Hensel