Craig Kelley
6790 Grover St, Omaha, NE 68106

Craig loves being a lawyer. “It’s helping people heal first, and then getting them results for their losses and permanent injury. Whether it’s a fight about liability, medical care, or treatment. If you don’t have an injury lawyer, you are more likely to get turned down on liability or proper medical treatment. Our team fights a lot of battles, for our clients. It’s rewarding to help people heal better and faster with the proper medical treatment, not to mention make the world safer. It’s satisfying to help people battle against big insurance and corporations that these people simply can’t effectively fight on their own.”
Craig’s practice emphasizes personal injury law, with an emphasis on vehicle, motorcycle and bicycle-related cases and claims. The firm is designated legal counsel of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), the Nebraska State H.O.G. Rally, and is also the designated legal counsel for most motorcycle chapters in the surrounding area in both Nebraska and Iowa.
“Our other new area of expertise is bad medical devices and pharmaceuticals/drugs, either as a defect in design, manufacturing or marketing,” said Kelley. “Medical device and drug liability began big with bad breast implants, bad birth control devices and bad drug side-effects. There’s been a lot of drug cases in the last 10-15 years, and these cases are national multi-district litigation groups that require specific expertise. Drug companies rush to take products and devices to the market and they don’t do the testing they used to do. We are one of very few firms in Nebraska and Iowa that deal with these kind of cases on a national level.”
Craig and his wife, Kerry, reside in the Dundee area of Omaha and have two sons and a daughter. Craig is also the Founder and Principal of Kelley Auto Racing Management Advisors (K.A.R.M.A.), former General Manager of Nebraska Raceway Park, the former Co-owner Sunset Speedway and Founder of the Dundee Chain Gang.