Fisher Wise
312 Vine Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403

From an early age, I was always told that I’d make a great lawyer. Often to my parents’ dismay, my ability to argue my case was a gift. While I always had some aptitude for negotiation and problem solving, I’ve made developing those skills, and the pursuit of excellence in the legal industry my life’s work. When it came time for college, I attended my parents’ alma mater, Samford University. I majored in philosophy–a pursuit that would later serve me well in my personal intellectual life and as an attorney. Upon graduating from Samford in 2005, I immediately began applying for law school so that I could begin my journey toward becoming an attorney. I was quickly accepted into the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, allowing me to continue my studies in Birmingham, Alabama while I pursued my law degree. During my time in law school I developed my passion for using the law to achieve justice and effecting positive change in my community When it came time for me to graduate in 2008, I wasn’t thinking about what areas of the law I wanted to focus on–although I probably should have. Instead, I was focused on being prepared to do whatever it takes to be an attorney that clients would be proud to have. Once I graduated, I worked hard to pass the bar that same year and was quickly recruited to work as an attorney for a well-established insurance defense firm. I would spend the next 3 years working as a defense attorney, evaluating and defending personal injury and workers’ compensation cases for clients across Tennessee and Alabama. I was able to pick up valuable experience as a trial lawyer in both civil and criminal courts, honing my skills as an excellent negotiator and litigator. Despite the joy and success that I found working for an insurance defense firm, I still felt a desire to strike out on my own. So, I decided to leave the life of a big firm behind and open the doors to my very own firm, the Law Offices of Fisher Wise.