Johnny Brown
1498 Lower Main Street, Suite F, Wailuku, HI 96793

Brown University 1985 BA with Honors.
Bates College of Law (Houston) 1988.

After thirty years of hammering insurance companies in Texas, I chose to live the dream and move to Maui, Hawaii. Texas is tough, and so are the court systems. But I was a winner there, and I’ll bring a sharply honed set of skills to bear on your case here in Hawaii. I’m a tough, smart trial lawyer with the resources to file your case and win it. I’ll hire experts on liability and damages. I’ll cross examine the hell out of the opposing witnesses. And I’ll argue your case to the jury and bring home a verdict for you. In fact, I have been recognized by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum for winning Million Dollar cases. I can handle the big case and win it. I’ve proven it a dozen times.

While I currently reside in Hawaii, I still practice law in Texas. I am licensed in both states, and thanks to the modern miracle of Skype and email, I have a thriving practice in Texas. I expert to file a federal lawsuit in California on a trucking accident in the next few months. I am comfortable practicing anywhere. That’s experience that counts.

Who’s gonna pay your bills while your hurt? I’ll help. I’ll provide substantial assistance to help you borrow money so that you can survive until your case is over. I have years of experience working with lending companies, and I can help you too. If you have the right kind of case, arrangements can be made to pay your bills and expenses until I win your lawsuit.

I’ve tried a hundred jury trials to completion, and I win. I never quit. I’ll take your case all the way to the supreme court if I have to, and I’ll outwork and outfight any lawyer with a pulse. Don’t make the mistake of hiring some young, inexperienced lawyer, or a lawyer that does not specialize in the field of personal injury. Hire me, and I’ll make you a lifelong believer. Call now at (808) 243-2431.

Johnny Brown