Kaden B Canfield
107736 N. US HWY 89, Etna, WY 83118

Kaden B. Canfield is a passionate advocate for all injured persons. Kaden firmly believes that all those injured by the negligent actions of companies or other people deserve a chance to be heard and to be made as whole as possible. He is committed to protecting the rights of his clients and to delivering the legal results they need.

Why Hire Kaden?

Like you, Kaden knows the value of hard work and the worth of your health, time and hard-earned dollar. Kaden’s first paying jobs were during his pre-teen years when he began mowing lawns and cleaning up construction site debris. His work ethic has never wavered. Prior to attending law school, he worked as a framer, concrete laborer, a plant shift-worker, and finally as a professional for a government organization. Kaden has been hurt in workplace injuries, and members of his immediate family have been severely hurt by the negligent actions of others. While all injuries are unique, Kaden can appreciate, on a personal level, how difficult and frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies and our legal systems. Kaden is committed to protecting your rights and delivering the legal results you deserve.

When not fighting for his clients, Kaden can be found spending time in the wonderful Wyoming outdoors with his wife and four children.