Mark S. Buckley CFP
1536 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 2909

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Since 1991, Attorney Buckley has offered estate planning, debt settlement, and bankruptcy consultations to clients throughout Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts.

Regarding bankruptcy, he can explain the difference between debt consolidation scams and effective debt relief by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

Attorney Buckley also offers debt-settlement services for clients who wish to solve their financial problems instead of filing for bankruptcy. He can negotiate favorable repayment terms or lump-sum settlements and frequently settles debts for half the original amount.

Concerning estate planning, he can help you choose the best way to protect your family, property, and wealth using a Last Will and Testament, and Powers of Attorney (finance/ health). For clients wishing to avoid probate altogether, make management of their estate easier, and avoid/ minimize Rhode Island’s estate tax, Attorney Buckley can also help you design a powerful Revocable Living Trust.

Mark Buckley is one of only a few Rhode Island lawyers who is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional. Attorney Buckley served on the attorney advisory committee to the United States Bankruptcy Court (District of Rhode Island), has achieved the highest client-review rating (platinum) available, is recognized as a Top 3 bankruptcy attorney in Providence and Warwick, and is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

We offer consultations over the phone, in-home, and in our Providence office at 1536 Westminster Street. After our meeting, we promise only to take your case if we are confident it will be successful.