Morris Anyah
53 W Jackson Blvd #315, Chicago, IL 60604

Morris A. Anyah is a top personal injury lawyer and medical malpractice attorney in Chicago. He is a former Cook County prosecutor and war crimes attorney at The Hague. Attorney Anyah is a highly experienced, respected, and an exceptionally accomplished attorney and his law firm has embraced his commitment and dedication to all clients that he represents. He is now a pre-eminent, “go to” lawyer when people search for a personal injury attorney in Chicago. Attorney Anyah is a trial lawyer who brings a wealth of experience (over 25 years) and skill to the cases that he handles. When you or your loved ones have sustained serious personal injury (including medical malpractice) that results in wrongful death, permanent disability or disfigurement, or been victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, or negligence, call a personal injury attorney that you can count on.

In addition to personal injury litigation, Attorney Anyah also handles civil rights cases. As a plaintiff’s personal injury and civil rights lawyer in Chicago, he has filed suits and won significant monetary damages for his clients over several years of practice. He is admitted to the bars of several U.S. Federal and state court jurisdictions, including in Illinois, Washington, D.C., and Georgia. Call Attorney Anyah now at (312) 528-9022. Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., 53 W Jackson Blvd #315, Chicago, IL. 60604, https://anyahlaw.com.