Nicholas Walsh Esq
120 Exchange Street, Portland, ME 04112-7206

A former Coast Guard Officer, commercial fisherman and merchant mariner, since 1988 Nicholas H. Walsh has used his practical knowledge to assist hundreds of New Englanders. The firm has two areas of emphasis: Jones Act work for injured sailors, and injuries occurring because of deficient medical or nursing care (medical malpractice).

The “Articles” section of the site nicholaswalsh.com contains useful information on these areas of the law. “From Injury to Judgment: Medical Malpractice Law in Maine” and “Where Does it Hurt: A Survey of Seaman’s Personal Injury Remedies” are just two useful articles. We suggest you review that material, and give us a call. Or just give us a call – We usually have time to talk at length about a new matter, and if not, phone calls are returned the same day.

If you have a claim for medical malpractice you may want to call us first. We regularly team up with other lawyers in representing medical malpractice clients, and we know which lawyers are best for a particular case. For example, a lawyer highly experienced in surgical error may not have as much expertise in proving medication error or failure to diagnose. It makes a difference, and we can help you put together the strongest possible team for your case.

For commercial fishermen and merchant mariners, the firm offers plaintiff’s assistance in injury claims (including Jones Act and Unseaworthiness claims), fishery permit transfers and appeals, vessel sales and mortages, salvage representation and all other areas of admiralty and maritime law. Injured cruise ship and ferry passengers benefit from the same level of practical knowledge and legal expertise. The Portland Press Herald called Mr. Walsh “ONE OF PORTLAND’S MOST EXPERIENCED MARITIME LAWYERS”, and it’s true. We know the sea, we know the ships, we know the people, and we know the law really, really well. That’s a powerful combination! 207/772-2191.