Paul M. Namie
9013 Indianapolis Blvd., Highland, IN 46322

As your lawyer, I seek outcomes tailored to your individual needs and objectives. When I meet with you for the first time, I will listen carefully to your side of the story and thoroughly explain the legal process. Together, we will discuss all available options for a resolution. I provide trial representation when needed and always seek the best possible outcomes. Family disputes and other legal issues can be difficult to talk about. I strive to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in my office where you can feel free to talk openly and honestly. I will be equally open and honest with you about your legal options and personally guide you through the entire legal process.

An attorney who understands the law, but not the realities of your individual situation, may not be able to help you secure the custom tailored solution you need. I am committed to providing the detailed representation and personalized attention you need to overcome the legal issues you or your family faces in an efficient and effective manner.