Robert Drew Palcsik
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I make it easy for injured people to get paid and move on after an accident.

No one wants to find themselves on an injury lawyer’s website.

You never imagined it would be you or someone you love who needs an injury lawyer. But everything changed in that instant and now you’re stressed and confused about what to do next.

• Was the kid behind you texting and driving when she rear-ended your family at a stop light?

• Was an impatient driver passing on a busy stretch of Route 7, when he collided with your car head on?

• Were you out biking with friends along Lake Champlain when a driver clipped your rear wheel, sending you over the guardrail?

Whatever your story: if you’re missing work or school because of an injury; if you’re watching the bills pile up and overwhelmed with what will happen next month or next year, we will help.

Dealing with an injury claim shouldn’t be a second (or third!) job.

Whether you’re hurt in a car wreck or suffered a serious traumatic injury due to another type of negligence, your first priority is getting well. Maybe you’re back to work now but still have follow up appointments or even surgeries. You’re dealing with doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and bill collectors, all while wondering if or when it’s going to end.

Managing the medical and personal aftermath of an injury is time consuming and stressful enough. A legal claim should make things better, not worse.

Maybe you haven’t decided to hire a personal injury lawyer yet. We know that nothing can erase the traumatic event that left you hurt. But full and fair compensation through an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit can get your life back on track.

If you were injured by the carelessness of another person or a business, Drew Palcsik will guide you through the process of recovering for your losses.