Ryan Witt
3698 NW Lowell Street, Silverdale, WA 98383

When it comes to criminal defense, local representation absolutely matters. I encourage you to look at my competitors’ ads. Their offices are in Seattle or Tacoma. You should also look at the zoom courts, which are open to the public, and you won’t find these Seattle lawyers in Kitsap every day of the week or even once a week. You will see me. I was a prosecutor for several years and have done defense for 17 years. I know every option in Kitsap for successfully resolving a DUI.

Why does that matter? I will let you in on a secret…if your DUI just “goes away,” (as the jingles say) you should also buy a ticket for the Lotto. In 2021, just over 19,000 DUI charges were filed in Washington. Of those, 26 cases were dismissed for a lack of probable cause and 24 were dismissed on the parties motion. Finally, another 228 were dismissed because the defendant was dead or incompetent. Not great odds for dismissal.

So why all the jingles for “make your DUI go away”? It sells. In fact, please call them first because you will likely be quoted double my fees. Why don’t I charge more? Well, radio jingles and billboards cost tens of thousands a month and I’m not into it. I practice law and I do it well. And, when your case isn’t one of the 50 or so in the state to be outright dismissed, I will leave no stone unturned to get a resolution that keeps you out of jail and puts this headache behind you. The residents of my county voted me Best of Kitsap because I work tirelessly for my clients.

I’ve handled thousands of DUI cases successfully. My reviews speak to that. So, after you get through the fancy ads and the lawyers in Seattle charging two or three times as much, give me a call last. My overhead is lower, I don’t sing, I am not a billboard model, and I won’t gouge you in legal fees. We work 7 days a week and get results.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help. I can be reached at my office numbers 360-792-1000 or my cell 360-710-0027.