Sara S.J. Kim
215 NE 40th St, Seattle, WA 98105

Sara’s focus includes Family Law and Civil Litigation. Sara Kim is a passionate advocate who, in every case, is driven to seek justice for her clients. In private practice since 1995, Sara is a highly experienced family law attorney; she also has a thriving practice in the areas of personal injury and civil litigation.

Keeping a client-centered focus has been fundamental to her success. As Sara explains, “The people who come to me are under a lot of emotional pressure. The point is to make myself accessible: I believe that being there to listen is the only way to truly know what my clients want—and I think they appreciate that.”

Sara has counseled clients on hundreds of cases. She works hard to educate them throughout the process. By understanding the law and the probable range of outcomes in a given situation, clients can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Says Sara, “One client told me he thought I’d helped him as a friend would have—by giving him straight answers. To me that was the ultimate compliment.”

Another special skill is Sara’s fluency in Korean. Clients from the Korean-American community come to Sara as a knowledgeable legal resource, who literally speaks their language.

Sara will help to resolve cases where both parties have come to a mutual agreement about the key issues. Her uncontested divorce service—preparing and filing all necessary papers for a reasonable predetermined fee—is relatively rare in the Seattle metropolitan area.

In addition, Sara handles other matters related to family law such as civil litigation of contract disputes or to determine rights to jointly owned real estate.

For Sara, the personal rewards from her work come from seeing positive outcomes for her clients. “It’s especially gratifying when a judgment is made or a settlement is negotiated and I’ve helped a client get the best possible result given their situation—and helped them through a very difficult process.”