Steve Chlouber
20 E 5TH ST STE 200, Tulsa, OK 74103

I graduated from Oklahoma State in 1988 and from the University of Oklahoma School of Law in 1991. I have been practicing in Tulsa since 1991. When I accept a new client, I want to make sure that I understand the client’s needs and expected outcome of the case. I believe that most problems between attorneys and clients occur because of a lack of communication. I pride myself on returning telephone calls and emails promptly. Over the last 29 years, my practice has consisted of family law, consumer bankruptcy, personal injury and general litigation. I have a few basic principles that are the cornerstone of my law practice:
1. Represent my client zealously but always treat the other attorney with respect;
2. Charge a reasonable fee for services rendered;
3. Communicate with my client on all aspect of the case;
4. Respect my client’s objectives and strive to ensure that those goals are met, if possible; and
5. No decisions on settlement will be made without the client’s full informed consent.