Travis Leon Holtrey
530 Fredercia Street, Owensboro, KY 42301

When a person suffers an injury, it commonly causes problems extending far beyond the pain associated with the injury itself. It affects relationships, financial security, employment opportunity and mental health. So, when someone suffers an injury, they look to their attorney to be a problem solver. I genuinely enjoy having the opportunity to solve people’s problems. I am challenged and honored to be entrusted with the task of helping people when they are facing trying circumstances and feel helpless.

My family instilled in me a strong work ethic and dedication to achievement. I competed in academic debate while attending Western Kentucky University. As the captain of the debate team I led the team from a national ranking of #165 to #4 in only two years. In Law School I competed in moot court and national negotiation competitions where again we achieved national recognition, placing eighth in the nation in moot court competition.

I commit that same dedication to the work I perform for my clients. Since 1995, I have assisted people across the state of Kentucky and throughout the United States who have been injured and need guidance because of a variety of unfortunate circumstances. I have had the privilege to represent individuals and families, injured or killed due to dangerous products such as farm implements, coal mining machinery, elevators and firearms. I have litigated medical malpractice cases involving dental extractions, gallbladder removal, diabetic management, orthopedic surgery and emergency treatment and diagnosis of post surgical complications. I have represented clients suffering from chemical exposures including anhydrous ammonia and coal dust. I have concluded cases involving pharmaceutical mistakes involving errors with prescription medications, infusions, vaccination injury and intravenous administration. Finally, I have tried, mediated and settled hundreds of cases resulting from trucking wrecks, bus wrecks and car wrecks.