William J Luse
917 Broadway Street , Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

I have dedicated my career to representing people and not corporations. I take pride in getting to know each client’s story; whether it is their inability to play with their grandchildren after suffering a back injury or the humility from being wrongfully terminated or the anxiety they suffered from being exposed to toxic mold.

My firm believes a person’s injuries do not resonate with a jury unless our client’s full story can be told. It is not enough to just tell an insurance adjuster or defense attorney that our client has been injured. That is why our firm gets to know each client. We try to “walk a mile in their shoes” and truly get to know them. It is only after we know our clients that we can properly represent them.

My firm wants to ensure that our clients get just compensation for their injuries and not just reimbursed for their medical expenses. In various cases, I have visited client’s homes to examine how their injuries or disabilities have affected their ability to do daily activities so that I can explain those issues to a jury. In addition, I talk to my client’s family members, co-workers and friends to see how their relationship has been affected by my client’s injuries. An injury is never just about a broken arm; it is about how that broken arm affected your ability to do certain tasks and about the pain that you suffered. A person being terminated is never just about losing a job; it is about being betrayed by an employer who you were loyal to.

We take our client’s injuries seriously and will do everything in our power to get them FULLY compensated.