Yvonne T. Griffin
307 West Rio Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Don’t let the insurance company bully you into settling for less. Put Yvonne Griffin and her team on your side. They’ll take over the fight while you recover.

Our personal injury partner, Yvonne Griffin, offers unique insights into estimating the value range of your auto accident case, including your “pain and suffering.” Her judgement and intuition are based on representing well over a thousand car accident clients. In addition to Yvonne’s own experience, she has a powerhouse of cross-practice legal expertise available to assist in your consultation, such as workers’ compensation, social security disability or property law attorneys.

Yvonne will look at your case from all angles; all of her attention and expertise will be focused on your unique injury situation, no interruptions, no rush. She’ll help you analyze your case, and provide options going forward.

Yvonne’s consultations are free, the information she provides is exceptional.

Yvonne Griffin is a Charlottesville Trial Lawyer who concentrates her practice in Car, Truck & Motorcycle accidents. She was listed in the “Largest Personal Injury Jury Verdicts” by Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Contact Yvonne today for a Free 2-Hour Office Consultation. She wants to help.

Sample of Yvonne’s Jury Verdicts and Settlement Results: [The results obtained under one set of circumstances cannot be a predictor of future results.]

Albemarle County Car Accident with Brain Injury – $3,500,000
Car Accident with Brain & Neck Injury – $740,000
Charlottesville T-Bone Car Accident – $300,000
Crozet Stop Sign Motorcycle Accident – $600,000
Drunk Driver Truck Accident – $150,000
UVA Medical Negligence Leading to Cerebral Palsy Birth – $2,600,000
Augusta County Medical Negligence Leading to Leg Amputation – $1,700,000
Medical Negligence Leading to Liver Failure & Wrongful Death – $800,000